Residents in six communities across the nation participate in Raising Places to develop their neighborhoods into places where children and families shine.

Just after Thanksgiving, about one hundred community members in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina poured through the doors of Benton Hall where they discovered more about the learnings from the design team’s research work. Residents in attendance included educators and high school students, research participants, long-time bicyclists, non-profit professionals and a local reporter from the Wilkes Journal-Patriot. There were even special guests from the North Wilkesboro Elementary school as a class of third graders was asked for their feedback on the research findings by creating their own community solution ideas to address housing, food, and transportation.

Scroll down to see a few photos from the event!

Benton Hall in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.
North Wilkesboro residents enter the hall to have their voices heard in the design process.
North Wilkesboro resident and research participant April (right) is interviewed by a local reporter (left) as design team member Susan (center) chimes in.
Design team member Linda (left) works with third graders from North Wilkesboro Elementary as they sketch ideas to create better housing experiences in the community.
Adults, youth and children contributed dozens of ideas to the group working on housing in North Wilkesboro.

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