Valley of the Chiefs (Aashbacheeitche)

Crow Nation, MT

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Bighorn Valley Health Center is a federally-qualified health center that champions an integrated approach to healthcare delivery, and considers their patient to be the entire community, and not just the individual in an exam room.

Dr. Megkian Doyle

Director of Raising Places


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The rural town of Valley of the Chiefs sits on the Crow Reservation in southeastern Montana. Known in the Crow language as Aashbacheeitche, its small size belies its importance to the Crow Nation. One of four reservation communities, and the heart of the Lodge Grass District, the town is where Bacheeitche (strong moral leaders) once were commonplace. It’s now a place of pronounced scarcity and geographic isolation.


Today, a new generation of leaders in Valley of the Chiefs is contemplating the complicated picture of their community. 73% homeland loss and 80% population loss in two generations have caused economic dispossession and a radically altered social world for Crow people. Many members of the community have adopted a survival mentality, with violence and substance abuse perpetuating a cycle of stress toxic to everyone, especially the youngest children. However, in recent years various initiatives have taken root around family support systems and learning opportunities, stewardship of neighborhood infrastructure, after-school youth support, food sovereignty and renewable energy. A new sense of hope, and motivation for change, can be felt in the air.


Crow culture is alive and well in this tiny town, where 50% of residents speak their native language. Indigenous land and social values are honored together in a strong faith community. The entire tribe gathers yearly for Crow Fair, a weeklong festival of native music and culture. In addition to natural resources such as fertile land, drinkable water and wildlife, this community has a record of success in crisis, strong past and emerging leaders, a robust social media community and an excellent sense of humor.


450 people

Geographic Size

0.3 square miles

Valley of the Chiefs (Aashbacheeitche)

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